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I have many many favorite Links! These are just a few!

The following is a list useful links that I have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail.

Expert guidance from real people searching for the best the Internet has to offer in games, music, travel, maps, jobs, free stuff, books, news, chat, strategy, auctions, airlines, gifts, weather, links, cds, movies, and more.
A Great Web site to add your own family tree, family discussions (Chat) and information concerning your family. Great Privacy as you get to invite members and they are given passwords so family information can not be spread world wide!
Raleigh News and Observer
Raleigh's online version of their newspapers
Great site to check the local weather forecast.
FREE Web Space for All!
Up to the minute Stock Market Information for your personal portfolio.
Roots Web
Great place to search for genealogy information. I'm currently helping with the tombstone project. I roam through family graveyards and identify the tombstones and messages on them. Then its uploaded to the internet to help others searching for their roots.
Family Tree Maker
Another great Genealogy Site.
Great for Genealogy Research!

You know us as the Internet's original search engine.
The only search engine you need. Searches many databases at one time and gives you hundreds of pages!
With over half a million sites, divided into more than 25,000 categories, Yahoo! is both browseable and searchable.
GO Network is a new brand that brings together the very best of the Internet in one, easy-to-use place.

Have Fun! Go out there and do something! Don't JUST hang out on the PC....Life is too short. I love the PC world...Love the outside world also!

Peace and Happiness!