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Wiggins Family Photos

These pictures begin with my Grandfather and Grandmother Roy and Nettie Wiggins and their children. There were 12 children born, however one died the same day he was born. The children are as follows:
Jack Wiggins
Jesse (Buddy) Wiggins
Alton (Doll)Wiggins
Leroy Wiggins
(unnammed baby Wiggins)
Louise Wiggins
Faye Wiggins
Laura Ann Wiggins
Joyce Wiggins
Doris Wiggins
Marvin Wiggins
Jean Wiggins

Roy and Nettie had 12 children, 12 Grandchildren, 24 Great Grandchildren and 8 Great Great Grandchildren (in 1996)

Grandma Nettie and Granddaddy Roy Wiggins and some of their 11 children

My Mom Faye Wiggins with Jacks Children Margo and Linda 1955

My Mother Faye Wiggins 1955

Grandma Nettie Wiggins and 10 of her 11 children
Seated Left to Right:
Alton "Doll", Grandma Wiggins, Jesse "Buddy", Leroy, and Jack.
Laura Ann, Louise, Joyce, Jean, Doris and Faye
Christmas 2000

Marvin, Grandma and Faye
Mothers Day 2000

Some of Roy and Nettie Wiggins Grandchildren
L to R: Bottom Row:
Charlene, Debbie, Robert, Paula, Charlotte, Angie S.
Top Row: Angie M., Barbara, Carol
I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do! God Bless You and Keep You!