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Family History and Good Stuff Like That

Welcome to my homepage! My name is Charlotte Varnell Beck and I currently live in Eastern NC, near the Tar River.  The family names I've been researching are as follows:

Varnell, Webb, Wiggins & McLawhorn
(Location Eastern NC, & Berkeley Co SC)

 I hope to utilize this site to display genealogy information as well as to gather more information on my family tree. I hope you enjoy this site. Feel free to contact me at VarnellWiggins@gmail.com

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GOD gives us relatives! Thank GOD we can choose our friends!

Our family is filled with many wonderful people. Both of my parents had 11 siblings growing up, so we are a rather large diversified group. Through it all, we've managed to stay close and keep in touch. This is a blessing in the days of such migration where families are far and wide. I think the furthest distance is 3 hours apart between family members.

I'm gathering photos and information on ancestors who are already gone. I've written stories about what I remember about great grandparents, etc. I hope to incude not only the pictures I have, but my writings as well. Please don't grade me, I'm no scholar in the literary world, but what I write...comes from my heart.

Family Reunion Information

Family Reunion Dates:

Wiggins Family - Descendants of Roy and Nettie Wiggins gather the Sunday before Christmas each year to celebrate together. Generally, this occurs in Greenville NC or Pinetops, NC depending on which building we can acquire. Roy & Nettie had 12 children, 11 survived birth. We are a large crowd and have long outgrown meeting at family houses.

Varnell Family - Descendants of Oscar Varnell & Ida Corbett (1st wife) and Rosa Webb (2nd wife) used to meet at the Macclesfield NC Community House on the 4th Sunday of May. Oscar had 6 children in his first marriage and 6 children in his second marriage. Again, we've outgrown meeting at each others homes.  This dinner no longer occurs, but hopefully when things calm down, we can start them again.

My family and I are currently restoring (with much love and hard work) the Varnell Homeplace located in a sleepy Edgecombe County farming town in NC.  The house was built in 1879 by my Great Great Grandparents William and Sallie Barnes Varnell.  I believe that William may have been born on the 2nd house on the property (small three room house) in 1824.  He raised 10 children of his own plus his brother's 4 children (Kinchen died in the Civil War).  Nice town.  Can't wait to move!

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