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This is Charlotte Beck, the wonderful, wise Webmaster. (Yeah, Right!)

My background is as follows. I graduated from High School in 1978. I graduated from NC Wesleyan College in 1983 with a BS Degree in Criminal Justice. I wasted 12 and 1/2 years of my life working at a large "Big Brother" Telephone Company. I left there a year ago and I'm currently in the IT Implementation Department at a local Carolina Bank where I work as a Client Server Engineer (a Systems Analyst by any other name).

I married my sweetheart Gregg in 1990. We had a beautiful little girl in 1993 named Megan. She is the inspiration and joy of our lives. God has really blessed us!

 My search to complete the history and genealogy of my large family has required me to place information on the World Wide Web. I want to share any information I have concerning the Adams Varnell, Wiggins, Webb, and McLawhorn Families.

This is what I do when I'm not on a computer at the Bank in the IT Implementation Department. Can't get enough of this new technology.

Oh, by the way....nice house eh? No, thats Windsor Castle. I just like the picture I took in 1983 while studying Drug and Alcohol Abuse (Yes, its an actual course). London is a great place to visit! Maybe someday I'll go back again!

But until I do, I'll continue to search for my roots and reach out to those I love. I'm writing stories about my memories of those who have already passed away in my life. I'm asking questions of my parents and relatives of folks in the family that were gone before I was born. These are interesting stories and I look forward to getting more of them in the future. Maybe someday I'll be able to share them.

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Most of my family lives in Eastern NC. We come from England, Ireland and Scotland. I think we migrated from Virginia and SC to NC. I'm still researching. I hope to add my family tree information as well as my writings of our family to this web site.

Hope you enjoy the site!


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